Sunday, February 5, 2012

ROS: 2012-2013

Opps, I'm late in posting this, so sorry ^_^ but good news, this is a much better ROS for Apple Valley :)

ROS for the 2012-2013 rotation

  • Charity strikes-donate $700 to charity-Interesting. I might give this simmie the generous trait as a result of this ROS.
  • Facing the Fear-fulfill biggest fear-Not a fan at all, this is so unfortunate for this family.
  • Sign music deal, $8000 bonus, perform 8 days, visit vacation lot, get double tips-Very exciting, can't wait for this to play out, but now I need to make more careers and set up new lots as a result.
  • Win the lottery, $400000-This family isn't struggling, but the money is more than welcomed. I'll have to see how they will spend it.
  • Cheapstake, attempt to leave on bill-I know just how to write this one up, which should be funny.

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  1. Wow, I don't have my ROS set up so that Sims can win that much money in the lottery - the maximum is $60,000. But I'm kind of tempted to change that now!

    The biggest fear one is the only awful scenario this round, which must be a nice change of pace for you, after last round.


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