Monday, February 20, 2012

Follower Series: Tanja

I've always found interesting new blogs by looking through the lists of followers and commenters, not only on my own site, but the sites of others. I thought that I would do a monthly profile of the followers and commenters of Apple Valley so that others can see some of the other great blogs that are out there. I only chose the sim related blogs of followers or commenter (no personal or non-sim blogs) and of course there are many followers and commenters that do not have a personal blog.
This month, I'm profiling


Tanja has a sim's related blog called SimsVille.

It's a TS2 blog following residents in SimsVille. It is an attempt to create a cohesive neighborhood, with as much reality as possible. There are plenty of families to get to know and love such as the Penninkmeijer, Terrano and Min families.

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