Monday, February 28, 2011

Magnetic Non-Couples 2011

Valentine's Day is over, and I promised a surprise for you guys. Here are my top 10 magnetic non-couples in Apple Valley. I ranked them by attraction score instead of overall score.

These are the couples that could be, but are not.

10. S'Ahmisa Warwick and Benjamin Endeavour, 103
They are friends and they did kiss a little in university. Now Benjamin is non-exclusively seeing S'Ahmisa's best friend, Ming, and S'Ahmisa is exclusively seeing Benjamin's roommate, Rashid. They are far too busy wrapped up in their current loves to think about each other, though S'Ahmisa does occasionally dream of the tall basketball player.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Magnetic Couples 2011

Just in time for Valentine's Day! Here are my top 10 magnetic couples in Apple Valley. I only did 10 since I have only 18 couples and that included former couples as well. I ranked them by attraction score instead of overall score. There have been some new additions to the ranking and some changes as well. This year, the surprise was that the couples had the same ranking when I looked at their total scores-aka, how stable are they-so I'm including both here. I have a little surprise for the second part :)

The first number is the attraction score and the second number is the total score

10. Brandon and Ilila Peterson, 73/178
The newest couple to immigrate to Apple Valley. They met while he was in basic training, she was the daughter of his drill sergeant which also meant that she was off-limits, not to mention the fact that she was still a senior in high school. After her college graduation they bumped into each other at a different military base in the commissary's produce aisle. She walked away with more than a bag of apples that day.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Welcome ModtheSimmers

Lately I've been getting a lot of traffic from MTS and I just wanted to say a hearty welcome to everyone. Feel free to browse the archives, ask questions and visit my other blogs as well.

Welcome and Enjoy Your Stay!


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