Monday, February 28, 2011

Magnetic Non-Couples 2011

Valentine's Day is over, and I promised a surprise for you guys. Here are my top 10 magnetic non-couples in Apple Valley. I ranked them by attraction score instead of overall score.

These are the couples that could be, but are not.

10. S'Ahmisa Warwick and Benjamin Endeavour, 103
They are friends and they did kiss a little in university. Now Benjamin is non-exclusively seeing S'Ahmisa's best friend, Ming, and S'Ahmisa is exclusively seeing Benjamin's roommate, Rashid. They are far too busy wrapped up in their current loves to think about each other, though S'Ahmisa does occasionally dream of the tall basketball player.

9. Sazo Warwick and Suzanna McMillan, 106
Maybe if Jesse had introduced Suzanna to Sazo instead of Bradford, things may have gone differently. However Sazo and Suzanna are both happily married and only pass each other occasionally.

8. Brandon Peterson and Susie Wren, 108
8. Brandon Peterson and Susie Wren, 108
Susie seems to be every man's fantasy including strict military man, Brandon. Thankfully Brandon is a dedicated husband who only enjoys "admiring God's creation" from afar.

7. Jolie Dawson and Jesse Kent, 110
Perhaps it's their mutual love of food that keeps the attraction sparking. These friends have remained friends so far and haven't acted on their mutual attraction. Let's hope they keep it that way considering Jolie has one affair under her belt so far.

6. Julio Wilsonoff and Suzanna McMillian, 110
These hot medical powerhouses could probably cure every disease known to sims if they got together. Right now their relationship is strictly professional. They respect each other and their marriages too much to even pay attention to the attraction.
5. Walt Jones and Susie Wren, 112
A spring break trip and a few hours spent in the bed, hot tub and shower was the start of their story. Susie is now married and Walt is the father of Susie's sister's children. They have kept the secret and Susie has successfully avoided being alone with Walt, while Walt wouldn't mind picking up where they left least for a few hours.

4. Rashid Cunningham and Lainey Barchet, 122
Rashid and Lainey are mutual friends-Rashid is dating Lainey's on and off boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. It's suffice to say that Rashid and Verde have similar taste in women, but Rashid didn't move to Apple Valley to be with just anysim and Lainey only has eyes for the moment.

3. Bill Carr and Ginger Grey, 123
Maybe Ginger could tame the wild man-child Bill, or maybe Bill could keep Ginger's romantic appetite filled in the bedroom. Either way, this attraction would be hot, steamy and more than likely shortlived once they started to have a conversation.
2. Bill Carr and Ming Wuu, 143
It's not wise to have a crush on your wife's friend, but Bill isn't known for being the wisest sim around. He does however value his immaculate looks and health, so Ming remains a fantasty for now.

1. Jorge Dawson and Susie Wren, 149
Maybe it's her unusual features that cause so many men to get weak in the knees around Susie. Jorge does like what he sees, but he is very happy with his wife and children.
Any surprises?


  1. Wow, who would have though they could have such high bolts for each other and ACR doesn't kick in. I need to look at my sims more closely once I get the game up and running once again.

    I was surprised with Susie. Man, she really has them fawning all over her. *grin*

  2. I was so thrown off by seeing Susie Wren! That might take some getting used to!

    I'm not surprised about Susie but I was surprised by your happily married Sims and their could-have-beens. Jolie and Jesse, for one thing. Though, looking at them, they might have made a cute couple, had things in their lives gone very differently.

  3. This was fun! I'm always watching my high scores, and I enjoy seeing yours!

    Susie popped up more than I thought she would. I was surprised by Julio and Suzanna. Good to see that they keep their relationship professional.

  4. -Riverdale, I'm crossing my fingers that ACR doesn't kick in, at least not until I'm done fixing the faithfulness tags for the couples.

    -Carla, yep, Susie is a Wren now. The could have beens are a bit strange since I am used to seeing them with their spouses, so trying to rethink a history with another sim seems impossible.

    -Maisie, Susie is a romance secondary, but it's something about her that makes her quite appealing to the men in the hood.

  5. Hi, I've been spending quite a bit of time here in Apple Valley and over at Sullivan's. I'm trying to wrap my head around all this. I've been playing with ACR for several years and I have a dumb question. How do you check for ACR scores?

    I've really enjoyed reading about Apple Valley. *thumbs up and wild clapping*

  6. -juliejaz1, Thanks for reading and commenting. You check ACR scores by clicking the sim and chose ACR-"will I woohoo", this will bring up a bubble and the ACR score.


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