Friday, January 20, 2012

Follower Series: Nicky

I've always found interesting new blogs by looking through the lists of followers and commenters, not only on my own site, but the sites of others. I thought that I would do a monthly profile of the followers and commenters of Apple Valley so that others can see some of the other great blogs that are out there. I only chose the sim related blogs of followers or commenter (no personal or non-sim blogs) and of course there are many followers and commenters that do not have a personal blog.
This month, I'm profiling


Nicky has a sim's related blog called Brookdale.

It's a brand new TS2 blog about a Sims 2 neighborhood called Brookdale and the residents in it as they grow and populate the town. Since it's brand new, there are not a lot of posts, which makes it easy to discover the background of the stories fairly quickly.


  1. OMG...I was just clicked on this blog here because I haven't looked at it in a while and this was the first thing I saw! Wow ty soooo much, I feel so ashamed that I couldn't revive that town, but since I seen this you have inspired me to blog again and I will even keep the town name. Wow ty for the recognition, this will not be in vain. Brookdale will live again.

    1. No need to feel ashamed, it happens to everyone at some point or another. I can't wait to see if you blog again with your new hood. Have fun playing, blogging and reading!


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