Friday, October 15, 2010

Apple Valley Police Station

In the heart of the Metro lies a crop of buildings including the plain police station clad in white stone.

Once you enter the station you encounter the reception area where you must wait until or if you are allowed upstairs to the offices or holding cells.

The station serves as home to the Apple Valley police force and intelligence department.

During their daily routines they work on cases, uncover evidence,

and keep an eye on inmates in the holding cells.

Occasionally those inmates, who live far from the lap of luxury, 

receive visitors who must also be carefully watched through the visitor's speaking cell.

Otherwise, things are usually quiet around the station.


  1. Oh, this looks great! After seeing your police station, as well as Tanja's, I think this just has to be the next lot I build for Sullivan. I'm all inspired, lol!

  2. Carla, thanks. The police station is part of a larger lot and thankfully there isn't much use for it now, but there might be soon.


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