Saturday, October 30, 2010

Deeper MAXIS Aspirations, Part 2

As I have been playing for quite some time with my personality and trait system, I decided to update you on the changes I made in game. As always, feel free to borrow/steal/use them in your game and tweak them to suit you. Ask any questions, concerns or comments as well.

Aspirations, Reduex

At first I chose aspirations based on the family members. For example, if the parents were family and fortune then the children would be one or the other. Now aspirations are chosen based on thier personality, wants as a child, interests, traits and OTH-if known. Aspirations can change as the sim ages or based on a ROS, so they're more dynamic.

I assign aspirations as follows.

-personality= mostly serious, not lazy or shy sims
-interests = Money, Work, Crime
-OTH= n/a

-personality= mostly serious, shy and neat sims.
-interests = Environment, Paranormal, Weather, Sci-Fi, Health
-OTH= Science, Nature, Tinkering

-personality=mostly nice sims, not lazy sims
-interests= School, Toys
-OTH: Culinary

-personality= mostly outgoing and playful sims.
-interests = Culture, Entertainment, Fashion, Politics, Sports
-OTH: Sports, Music & Dance

-personality= mostly playful, lazy sims.
-interests = School, Toys, Travel,
-OTH: Games, Sports

-personality= mostly outgoing, playful and nice sims.
-interests = Culture,
-OTH= n/a

Grilled Cheese (secondary aspiration only):
-personality= mostly lazy sims.
-interests = food
-OTH: Culinary

Behind the Aspirations
Aspirations mean slightly different things to me. They give me the why behind some of the wants that my sims roll up. They can also be described using some of the TS3 traits.
Fortune: This sim is very ambitious, disciplined, and at their worst is a workaholic. They can be a bit neurotic and snobbish at times, however they love art and the finer things in life to bolster their reputation.
Knowledge: This sim can be described as a bookworm, always reading and can be a bit clumsy. They can also be a whiz with technology, eccentric and often are geniuses.
Family: This sim often likes children and animals and are very family oriented. Decisions are made based on the family.
Romance: There are two versions of this aspiration in my game
-Romance-Commitment Issues: This sim often dislikes children, can be very flirty and is a great kisser and woohooer.
-Romance-Hopeless Romantic: This sim loves romance novels and stories of true love. This is how I try to reconcile those family/romance sims.
Pleasure: This sim can tend to be a bit childish and a couch potato. They are often easily impressed with just about everything and are often heavy sleepers. They are heavy party animals
Popularity: This sim is very charismatic and a natural sales sim. They can be dramatic at times and a party animal.
Grilled Cheese: This sim is a food addict with a narrow obsession with cheese.


  1. You think of aspirations very similarly to the way I think of them. I do have some Sims who don't really fit the stereotype of their aspiration though, so it does tend to vary.

    I really like the idea of looking at a Sim's interests to decide on their aspiration! I think I'll try that when I age up Adelaide and Noah!

  2. I've always had an idea like this in my head but never thought to write any of it down. I could always start to feel out my sims' personalities anytime between them being born to before they were in their teens or young adults. I never thought about connecting their interests with their aspirations. It's a very interesting way to play the game.

  3. Carla, I can't wait to see what you do in your game.

    Town of Winfield, it makes sense to get a feel for your simmies-I do that sometimes as well.


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