Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I've Tasted and Now I'm Addicted

For some reason my game went from loading in 10 minutes to taking over 20 minutes to load. With a full doctoral course load and research responsibilities, I didn't have time to wait that long for a study break. I took out the download folder and everything loaded in 5 minutes. It's by no means the 1-2 minute load times that I've heard around the community, but 5 minutes is a pretty sweet number in my book. I know that I won't get to 5 minutes since I will use downloads, but to have a less than 10 minute load would be nice.

I know that I have gotten my download folder bloated and needed to cull it, but my piece meal effort of ingame deletion wasn't working. So what did I do? Start anew.

I took all the downloads out and redownloaded or moved over the files that I knew that I needed to play my game-things like skintones, signature hairstyles and genetics like eye color.

My Downloads folder is organized as follows:

--Buy Mode / creator / object
--Build Mode / type / creator
--Body Shop / type / creator
--Hacks & Mods / creator
--Temporary / unopened & currently testing

My next step is deleting downloads with multiple recolors, like some of Piggi's object recolors or Fakepeeps clothing since I don't need multiple shades of blue for a nightstand and I don't need ten recolors of a dress that only three of my sims will wear. This part is more tedious. I don't know how much space I'll free up and if it will matter, but at least I won't have to shift through the recolors during gameplay.

To be honest, sometimes I wonder if this is a case of diminishing returns, more work on culling downloads to shave off a minute or two with load it really worth it?


  1. For me, it's not worth the time it takes to cull. For others, it may be very worth it.

    I have a really long load time (over an hour, can't be bothered to time it exactly!) but I usually do other things while it's loading, so it doesn't bother me much. I'd rather be playing than culling, you know?

    That said, if someone told me I could have all my CC and a 5 minute load time, I'd be all over it! LOL.

  2. I know how you feel. My load time is about the same as yours, maybe 15 minutes - I never time - and I have been thinking about doing the same.

    I would hope that its worth it simply to just get is all organized. I have a ton of clutter objects that simply need to go so it might take long AV but in the end it will be worth it.

  3. I found out recently that sims 2 can be played in windows mode versus full screen mode by adding " -w" to the end of the application shourtcut's target path.

    It is sweet when I can do on other things on the computer when sims 2 takes its 15-20 minutes to load.

  4. I did what you are doing or did in December. Though I didn't organize the same was as you, and I wish I did!! I did by creator/site, which I do like, but sometimes I wish it was by category.

    I cull my downloads of multi recolors regularly, I hate looking at them. My up time is about 25 minutes until I'm in a house (unless its an apartment).

  5. compressionizer is your friend... after the organization of course.


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