Sunday, February 14, 2010

Magnetic Couples

Hopefully I haven't missed the whole let's look at couple's chemistry for Valentine's Day, so here are my top 10 couples in Apple Valley. I only did 10 since I have only 18 couples and that included former couples as well. I ranked them by attraction score instead of overall score.


10. Ginger Grey and Tobi Sweeny, 65

Close friends since they were teenagers and nursing secret crushes on each other for about as long. Their romance was short-lived and they went their seperate ways leaving Tobi with a divorce and Ginger in marriage counseling.

9. Suzanna and Bradford McMillian, 66

Suzanna traveled from Eden to visit little brother, Jesse, and to take a break from her stressful career. During her stay, Fiona introduced her sister-in-law to her "hottie coworker" and her brother made her promise not to drool over the man.  Who wouldn't fall in love with the handsome man and his cute daughter. The couple was fire from day one and quickly discovered that their fire had produced a pregnancy. Suzanna immigrated to Apple Valley and the duo has been on fire eversince, proving that you can find love later in life.

8. Susie MacAstral and Bill Carr, 71

Susie is one hot mama on campus and Bill just had to get a piece of the action. Well he did and he broke her heart into pieces. Sometimes you simply just get burned.

7. Brandon and Ilila Peterson, 73

The newest couple to immigrate to Apple Valley. They met while he was in basic training, she was the daughter of his drill sargent which also meant that she was off-limits, not to mention the fact that she was still a senior in high school. After her college graduation they bumped into each other at a different military base in the commisary's produce aisle. She walked away with more than a bag of apples that day.

6. S'Ahmisa Warwick and Verde Herendez, 77

Young love is always the hottest. Best friends since the beginning of junior high school. She continually beat his butt on the soccer field, but eventually he worked his way into her heart. She declined his proposal to go steady-claiming they were too young, even now, S'Ahmisa's the one to put the brakes on in the relationship, shooting down any talk of marriage as they're still too young. Hopefully their romance will last during the turbalent university years.

5. Jolie Dawson and Grex Grey, 87

They both still can't explain what happened that day nor which sim took the photograph and blackmailed them into leaving for the Plains. It was hot, it was quick and their romance left a huge trail of damage.

4. Anthony Wren and Susie MacAstral, 97
It's new and very promising, we'll see where this couple leads us. At least we know that it's going to be hot!

3. Julio and Rebecca Wilsonoff, 98
They liked each other as teens, but his age kept her at a distance. When Rebecca entered university and was finally legal, Julio wasted no time in claiming her. They've remained one of the most stable (and sometimes boring) couples in the hood.

2. Ginger and Grex Grey, 98

Their romance started as teens and during the great flood they couldn't help but build thier love while spending time in the close quarters of the shelter. Four children, six pregnancies, two affairs and several deaths later, this couple is still clinging to each other.

1. Antonio and Carmela Herendez, 137

Somethings father does know best. Antonio accepted an arranged marriage so that he could gain the family business. Years later the couple is growing hotter and hotter. It's an unconvential type of love, in fact they wouldn't even call it love, but it's working.

Any surprises?


  1. Wow, go Ginger, twice on the list! I guess your #1 is kind of surprising! You wouldn't think an arranged marriage would work, even unconventionally but I guess sometimes things work out in a strange way.

    And you're such a tease with your Top Secret #4! I almost did the same thing with my list actually. ;)

  2. Great list! And like Carla said, number 1 was a surprise. I didn't know their score with each other was so high. LOL But hey, love can grow from nothing. :)

  3. -Carla, #4 will be revealed soon. I'm going to make a special update just for them. Yep, Ginger and Grex were both twice on the list and they're not even romance sims. The only romance sims on the list are Susie and Bill.

    -Riverdale, #1 surprised me as well. I honestly thought the Kents or the Warwicks would get that spot.

  4. I though the Kent's woudl be number 1 too! I'm surprised by that.

    Really curious about your number 4!

  5. It's so sweet that an arranged marriage led to love. Hopefully lasting love, too!

    Love how you teased with a relationship that hasn't been exposed yet, LOL! So mean!

  6. I'm so curious about your #4 tease, lol! Can't wait to see who that is.

    Aw, S'Ahmisa and Verde are cute. It was nice to see them on the list. And I too am surprised by your number one!

  7. -Maisie, the Kents were #12. Their chemistry isn't very high with each other, but they are committed.

    -Mao, I wonder what would happen if Antonio and Carmela both admit that they love each other. I bet their marriage would be on fire!

    -Shana, I'm glad S'Ahmisa and Verde made the list, especially since they haven't been rolling romantic wants for each other lately. I wonder if they're growing out of their relationship.

  8. I'm late to the party, as usual...LOL! I had no idea this couples chemistry Top 10 was even going on! I would've done it, too, had I known. I still might do it in a mini-update in the future. It would be interesting info. to know.

    Well, let me just say that this excerpt was brilliantly written, AV. Summarizing all of their histories in one concise little paragraph. I enjoyed reading it so much!

    I'm not so suprised about Carmela and Antonio being #1. It would seem to me that the oldest/longest relationship (in years time) would count for something. But I do realize that it takes much more than longevity to make such a big electrical chemistry between two Sims. In their case, it's quite special.

  9. -SH, Thanks! You should do a mini-update for your hood. That would be interesting to see.


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