Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Extras, Birthday Style

It's my birthday so I thought I would share some extra shots that didn't make it into stories.

I'm not sure what Julio is examining in this photo, but I agree, Nicole does have some nice legs.

Uh oh, looks like someone is trying to convince Rojo to consider his career options.

Why wouldn't he like to join ranks with this guy and pick the pockets of unsuspecting sims.

Little sister Serendipity doesn't think he can handle. "Dude, it's not that serious! I call everyone lettuce brain!"

Umm, perhaps Carmela should have changed before helping Rojo with his homework, maybe he would take it more seriously if she didn't look like an extra from a bad music video.

A streaker visits Krissy, but the show goes on deaf ears and blind eyes since Krissy is dead tried from maintaining that 3.9 GPA.

Look, she has feelings! True, they're not "Omigoodness, he's having an affair!" feelings, more like "Omigoodness, he doesn't want to woohoo in the photo booth!" feelings. Um...I think he might have been busy Krissy.

When I moved the Peterson's into the hood, who should be their welcome wagon? None other than Fiona and her sister-in-law. Makes perfect sense.

Looks like Susie has stopped caring about Bill,
maybe it was because she was expecting a little company from her spring break fling.

Looks like he got around during his trip to visit Susie. Yep, that's foster sister Faith sinking her claws into another goodie. I hope these two don't share men all their lives.
As soon as I moved the Warwicks back to the hood from their overseas assignment, what did they do? Yep, dance to some good ol' classic simmish music. Hey, you can't dance like that to kimikurian music.

Cute Cameron wanted to go birdwatching. She's so quirky at times that I wonder if she's not missing a few marbles.

The sisters-in-law comparing pregnancy bellies. I think Suzanna wins.

Jesse hanging out with his twin girls. He better not have delivered another set of twins to Fiona's uterus. She's been haunting my dreams. "Why did you do this to me?" Um, Fiona, I had nothing to do with it. Somehow you two snuck off and got knocked up. "It better not be twins again!" Um, you might have to take that up with your hubby.


  1. Happy birthday!

    I just love those Kent twins - those little girls are too adorable!

  2. Happy birthday!

    Suzanna and Fiona are so cute. And Rojo looks like he had some fun moments.

    That's kind of creepy that Faith and Susie keep sleeping with the same guys. At least they aren't biological sisters, that makes it a tiny bit better, maybe. lol

    If Fiona has twins again, I don't think Jesse's the one to blame. I remember in the previous post that it's Fiona's side of the family that tends to have twins. Jesse's mom's half-sister had twins from her third pregnancy, but that's it in his family history. She can blame him for getting pregnant, but the twins she might have to take up with her ancestors. lol

  3. -Carla, thanks!

    -Em, I think you're right about the twins. I feel bad since sometimes if my simmies have a family history of twins, I'll give them the twin benefit from FreeTime.


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