Sunday, January 24, 2010

My ROS (and more) Files

Other simmers have been uploading their ROS files, so I decided to follow suit, but my ROS file is contained within a larger database and I'm including that as well.

My ROS (and more) File
You will have to download/view the excel file since formatting is screwed up via google documents. Sorry.

Don't care about replicating the formulas and just want to see the data in a funky formatting?
My ROS (and more) file-GoogleDocs Style

Guide to the DatabaseI only listed things that other simmers might be interested in. Some of the pages are works in progress or saved copies of other documents. They are hidden in my copy, but I'm not sure if they are hidden in your copy.

Yes, I am a proud excel whore, I love excel :)

  • AV Resident Data: My files on all my simmies including marriage, traits, networth, etc.
  • AV Trait System: My random generator for traits for Apple Valley Residents
  • Resident Random Generator: My older random generator modified from Life of a Sim
  • ROS: My ROS file that pulls three sims (from the Resident Data section) and the ROS
  • Hood Details and Census: My reports on the hood status including population stats, taxes, etc. Also included are calculators for child support and spousal payments.


  1. Thank you! I would love to take a look at this but Open Office doesn't like the file and GoogleDocs is telling me I don't have permission to view it at your second link there. Do you need to change some privacy settings or something?

  2. -Carla, I tried changing the access-I thought I had changed it originally. Will you check it again? If it doesn't work, email me starrsim at yahoo dot com.

  3. Sweet! I like Excel too. I thought that my forms were detailed. I like your resi data form. I think I'll use it. I also posted my tax stuff on my blog too, in case you haven't seen it yet.

  4. -LaToya, I saw your file, neat. It's funny that you work in accounting, I've thought about it, but wondered if I would be bored-plus, I hate doing RL taxes :P

  5. Hi, thanks to your excel sheet I've been able to learn a lot about excel myself these last two days, so that's great. (:

    I've run into a bit of a problem though, I don't seem to be able to get the function for the 'Marital Status' to work at all.
    It keeps just giving me zero, and I've looked both at your sheet, and the one from lifeofasim, and nothing seems to work!

    This is what I have been writing:

    Would anyone be able to help?

  6. -anon, it looks like you're trying to convert a text into a number and there's another step you need to do in order to do that. You'll need to add '{' and '}' to the ends of the function to convert them into numbers.




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