Friday, January 15, 2010

Combined Terrain, Part 3, Townies

I'm very picky about my game and what goes into it. I used to play on a laptop and I wanted to ensure that I didn't spend hours waiting for the game to boot up. With AV, I create custom townies and use hacks to keep the numbers low.

I plan on having six sims in each of the five social group for a total of 30 adult social townies. They would be equally spilt bewteen male and female as well as skin tones and genetic diversity. I plan on randomly generating thier names, family ties, personality, aspirations and zodiac. Thier career level would be chosen based on thier social group.

--Low social class
--Careers (level 4 and below

--Low or middle social class
--Careers (levels 2-5)

--Middle social class
--Careers (level 4-6)

--Middle or high social class
--Careers (level 5-7)

-High social class
-Careers (level 7 and above)

This pool of social townies would be the main pool that my sims find thier mates once the family ties become too intermingled.

In addition to the 30 townies, I plan on having eight teen townies and eight children townies, again equally spilt and diverse, and a countessa or count.

When creating each townie I plan on giving them a bit of a backstory as well as relationships bewteen the townies (ie sibling groups, single parents, family groups, etc). I will also create six vacation townies for each vacation subhood (a total of four subhoods, one for each season which means 24 vacation sims) and six young adult townies to populate the college campus.

In all there will be 76 nonplayables for my sims to interact with and possibly find mates. In terms of the FSBS sims that frequently visit Apple Valley, they will be made into tourists. Accessable when needed, otherwise out of sight.


  1. Good topic! I love custom townies. That is all I use in my game. Will you alsohave your townies work in your Playable sims business establishments?

  2. I wish I had the patience to do all that! Plastic surgery on the very ugly townies is about as far as I go!

  3. -Demonde Luke, most of my playable sims that own businesses do not need extra help since they use an electronic cash register. Otherwise, playable sims work there. I'm not opposed to townies working there thoug.

    -Carla, I'm not done with the townies though. I'm still in the process of adding townies. For some reason my vacation townies were not working, so I'm allowing MAXIS to spurn one up for me.


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