Thursday, October 8, 2009

Randomizing Zodiacs

I've been running reports in excel for my sims and noticed that the zodiacs were in no case random-more like I continuously clicked either Gemini, Aquarius or Libra for my simmies. I've decided to reassign zodiacs-mostly for children, but a few single adults as well, to make the numbers more random and inject a bit more genetic diversity. I'm curious to see if this bumps up my low ACR scores in the hood.

Thus far ACR scores have increased, however, they have not increased like I thought they would. For example, before changing zodiacs S'Ahmisa and Verde had a solid 1 bolt. I didn't alter thier zodiac, yet when I viewed thier ACR, they were a solid 3 bolts. Perhaps this is because they were set to independent teens.

I have also noticed that the scores change a bit more, perhaps this is because of the dynamic token status. Nothing major, but my couples seem to alter scores by +/- 4 points depending on the time of day :P

I'm happy to finally have a little more variety, it won't really take place until I alter personality traits as well. I think I'll alter the genetic personality traits of children and younger so that the personality can pass on via DNA.


  1. I have some couples whose ACR scores seem to jump around like that. I haven't been able to figure out why. I even checked to see if they had one of the clothing types turn-ons but nope. It's strange.

  2. -Carla, ACR is a bit strange, well actually it's MAXIS chemistry bolts huh. I guess it's just like real life, some days you're not as in love with your partner as other days.

  3. Very true! That's kind of how I look at it in game - sometimes your partner is just driving you nuts and they're seeming that little bit less attractive to you!


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