Sunday, October 25, 2009

Combined Terrain Found

Finally found a combined terrain that's larger than my current terrains, but not huge. Aptly named "The Island" it's from ClicknPyscho at MTS.
I plan on have the quadrant become Apple Valley Metro, bordered by Apple Valley, Apple Plains, Pierce University (which could be moved to border AVM instead of AV) and then I made some beach frontage areas so there can be some beaches for the hood.
I've started building some of the core buildings and progress is going slowly. After building all the buildings and adding neighborhood decor, I will do a clean sweep on the character files and start creating townies and dormies.


  1. Cute! It's almost shaped like an apple. LOL.

  2. Aww congrats. What's so funny is that HeredonCove was tweaked from a neighborhood made by ClicknPsycho

  3. -Carla, I didn't noticed that before, but it is a bit apple shaped.

    -Herendoncove, really? That's funny!


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