Friday, August 5, 2011

Kent Decor Scheme: Part 2-Shopping

Decided to do a post detailing step by step my process for decorating my sims homes.

Meet Jesse and Fiona Kent, readers of my story blog are familiar with these two. Their house burned down-aka, I broke it ^_^ and after rebuilding a new house, they now need to decorate it. We're going to start with the living room.

I already chose the colors and patterns, but now I need to do some shopping. I personally perfer Maxis meshes, so the first stop is PiggiSims to see if there is anything that I like.

I find the sofa mesh that I want-but not the color. I make note of the sofa and the color choices I want for the seating.


along with the chair

or  or
or even this beautiful damask from Blake Boy's Annie Seating

I do determine that I will be using the Maxis Colonial Collection for most of the furnishings. The patterns give a nod to Jesse's contemporary desires so now I need artwork and rugs.

I tend to recolor my own rugs using a Maxis mesh to cut down on my downloads folder, so I am looking for rug patterns. I want something more contemporary to balance out the traditional seating and surfaces in the room.

For artwork, I take into account thier other interests like they both love jazz and love abstract art especially considering that their daughter is an art prodigy at the tender age of nine. I imagine that they would have several of her original works in the house. I picture them as fans of Debra Hurd's abstract jazz and cityscapes as well as Paul Brent's abstract jazz art

So with this in mind, I have a bit of recoloring to do, or not, and then we'll see the final product.


  1. Starr, your little simmies are so spoiled! And I love it. I wish I had more of a flare for design. But you make it all look so easy!

  2. LOL, your Sims *are* spoiled! Such thought goes into all their homes and it really makes for a space that seems like it truly belongs to that family.

  3. Riverdale, there's not that many of them so I can't help spoiling them, they're all my favorites :)

    Carla, thanks. Playing those homes seems so much more fun(ner) since I'm surrounded with their personality and it helps me break out of the rut and decorate in new styles that I wouldn't...also keeps my RL redecorating down to a minimum :P


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