Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kent Decor Scheme: Design Inspiration, Part 1

Decided to do a post detailing step by step my process for decorating my sims homes.

Meet Jesse and Fiona Kent, readers of my story blog are familiar with these two. Their house burned down-aka, I broke it ^_^ and after rebuilding a new house, they now need to decorate it. We're going to start with the living room.

Using their design preferences I make note of them:

Jesse: Black, contemporary
Fiona: Red, traditional

I then search for the perfect color combination, I use Color Combos to see the combinations, they have a combo library of pre-set combinations as well as a combo tester to pick your own color combinations. I chose three colors to be used for their living room.

After picking the colors I make a list of what I will need for the living room. The Kent family doesn't watch television and they need space for a television in their living room. Fiona is in the law career and entertains quite often while Jesse works at a high school and prefers to lounge while listening to jazz.

Arm Chair (2)

After the list, I chose a few patterns for the room. The patterns will be used on the curtains, pillows, walls and even seating.

Now I am ready to go "shopping" with a few ideas in mind.


  1. Really interesting process! I'll have to keep this in mind next time I decorate a lot. I'll be bookmarking that site too, I think. ;)

  2. Thanks Carla that site can be a bit addictive though, so bookmark at your own risk :p

  3. Very cool! A couple of questions for you about picking out the patterns. Where did you get the patterns from? Are you going to recolor things yourself using those patterns?

  4. Mandie, the patterns are from google images. I google the keywords (ie red and black fabric) to find images. I'll either recolor or try to find objects that fit that color scheme and pattern.

  5. Ah I see. That is a really neat idea and I bet it really helps you create variety in your different rooms. Very interesting process Starr!

  6. Mandie, it does help a lot with creating unique spaces.

  7. Apple, I absolutely love this idea! Your gameplay is so detailed. I tend to end up just decorating houses the way I like them, and this seems like a great way to get a bit more variety into the game.

  8. Thanks Charleston City Sims , it does get more variance in the game, though some homes that my simmies desire make my skin crawl and I hate them, but they adore them :\


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