Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Rounds" and ROS Simyear 2008-2009

For those who have been following Apple Valley for a while, you may realize that time moves so slowly :) It's killing me as well watching other bloggers zip through their generations while mine seem stuck. To make time move a bit faster, but not too much faster, which was the whole reason of blogging in this new style, I'm switching to 2-year rounds, but non-rounds :P

I'm splitting my families to be rotated every two simyears, but we'll see from them each simyear via other families updates and a few mini-updates thrown in for good measure. It's a work in progress, so we'll see how much I like it and how long it stays around.

ROS for the 2008-2009 rotation

  • Re-roll your turn-ons, eeek, hope you still like your partner!...This sound be interesting
  • Mid-Life Crisis: Change your aspiration and lifetime want! It makes perfect sense for this sim since they are approaching "mid-life"
  • Fire! Not the best, I just redecorated :(
  • Signed modeling deal, $12000 bonus This family needs the money and it evokes some of their past modeling  as well.



  1. "Re-roll your turn-ons" and ROS like that are always kind of a worry! Usually turns out interesting though...

    Good luck with your new non-rounds, LOL!

  2. -Carla, this sim is currently..."unattached", in thier opinion, so it might be interesting to see what happens.

  3. Good luck with your new way of playing! I feel like I'm moving in slow-motion, too. :\

  4. -Danielle, thanks. We'll see if this speeds things up while retaining the quality of each sim's story.


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