Thursday, December 30, 2010

Deeper MAXIS Hobbies, Part 2

As I have been playing for quite some time with my personality and trait system, I decided to update you on the changes I made in game. As always, feel free to borrow/steal/use them in your game and tweak them to suit you. Ask any questions, concerns or comments as well.

Deeper MAXIS Hobbies, Reduex

Based on a sim's one true hobby, I decided that they would have a corresponding skill strength. This means that they will learn that chosen skill faster (mostly through the Thinking Cap from the aspiration rewards and skill bonuses from SimBlender). Some hobbies will also have a boost in talent badges, meaning that they will start with a bronze badge (of thier chosing if multiple badges are available) even without studying.

Skill Bonuses
When a sim with a OTH is studying a skill or participating in their chosen hobby then they get a skill bonus on every third skill. For example, if a sim is painting and they just gained their 3rd creativity skill point, then they get an extra skill point from SimBlender, thus making them have 4 skill points. If a sim is painting and they gain their 7th creativity skill then they don't get a bonus.

Talent Badge Boost
Once a sim has identified their OTH then they automatically get a bronze talent badge of their choice.

Arts & Crafts:
-Skill Strength= Creativity
-Talent Badges= Pottery, Sewing, Flowers, Toys

-Skill Strength= Cooking
-Talent Badges= none
Films & Literature:
-Skill Strength= Charisma
-Talent Badges=Sales

-Skill Strength= Body
-Talent Badges=Restocking

-Skill Strength= Logic
-Talent Badges=Toys

Music & Dance:
-Skill Strength= Creativity
-Talent Badges= none

-Skill Strength= Cleaning
-Talent Badges=Fishing, Gardening

-Skill Strength= Logic
-Talent Badges=Register

-Skill Strength= Body
-Talent Badges=Restocking

-Skill Strength= Mechanical
-Talent Badges=Robots


  1. I love your behind the scenes stuff.

    I don't let my Sims earn certain skills any faster but depending on hobby, each of my Sims has a skill that they're allowed to study without restriction. With most skills, I wait until they have a want for it or until they study autonomously. But if it's a Tinkering Sim, they can study mechanical any time I want them to.

    I like the idea of giving Sims certain bronze badges based on hobby. Those bronze badges can take forever to earn!

  2. -Carla, Thanks so much ^_^ I haven't thought about letting a sim skill without restriction according to thier hobby. I might steal that from you.


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