Sunday, August 15, 2010

Veronika Kent Medical Centre

The Veronika Kent Medical Centre is located on the 39th Street block in Apple Valley Metro.

The 39th Street block us also home to many other local civic buildings

including the police department and a reputable hotel.

The centre was named after Veronika Kent, a successful architect and supporter of medical technology from the TS1 era of Greymount.

The clinic boasts of a recent renovation that added an a second level. The renovation has allowed for additional doctor offices, exam rooms and patient beds to be added.

The first level features several doctors' offices, waiting area, lobby and employee cafeteria.

The second level features exam rooms, surgery room, lab and patients beds.

Patients are greeted with a set of double glass doors that open into a spacious lobby.

Beyond the lobby, patients check in with the nurse on duty

and have a seat until they are called for their appointment.

Patients will either meet with Dr. Julio Wilsonoff, current Medical Centre Director (2005-2009) and General Family Medicine,

Dr. Suzanna McMillian, head of Obstetrics & Gynecology

or Dr. Donna O'Dale, head of Pediatrics.

Patients are seen in either one of two exam rooms,

depending on their age.

For patients that need sugerical care, a state of the art surgery lab is in process,

as well as the famous lab that discovered  the cure to the Plumbbob Virus.

While recovering patients can stay in comfortable beds before returning home.


  1. I love how everyone is posting their medical lots lately. So fun to check them all out.

    I love your pediatric exam room. Very friendly looking, for the youngest little patients!

    Do you remember what size lot this is? I know you only use smaller ones but you always seem to fit so much on there that it's hard to believe they're so small!

  2. -Carla, the total lot size of the 39th Street block is 3x3 and includes six different buildings. The medical centre is 10x18

  3. Your pediatric room was my favorite too! It has such a different vibe to it, and is much cheerier/friendly than the other lots, to hopefully make little sim children relax on the table. All the medals in the office is a great touch.

  4. -Maisie, thanks. I thought about all the children's hospitals I've seen and took some cues from there.


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