Thursday, July 15, 2010


Montalcino Vineyard and Resort is located several hours from Apple County.

The lower level features a world class resturaunt, on site market and breathtaking courtyard.
The upper level features several rooms that overlook the surrounding vineyards.

Guests are greeted with the vineyard's onsite market with local postcards and posters

as well as tables heavy with the freshest produce, milk, seafood and eggs delivered by local farmers each day.

The world class resturaunt boasts of an extensive nectar bar with vintages from the TS1 era

fresh nectar tasting stations for guests to sample the nectar of the day under the guidance of the host. After tasting such nectars, guests are welcome to view the process of nectar making and even try their hand at stomping the tender grapes to coax thier sweet juice out.

The resturaunt consistently serves delicious food that utilizes fresh herbs from the vineyard garden.

The chef prides herself on maintaining a fully stocked kitchen and offers cooking classes to vineyard guests. Guests can learn how to cook nectar crepes, chicken with black figs and lavendar, or even fresh basil salad.

The resort is one of the best, it has superb service that anticipates guests' every need including books from local author Elaine Mautneryia, customized tours of the surrounding area and a comfortable ride to the local airport.

The resort features clean and comfortable rooms that feature en-suite dining
or smaller rooms that adequately service your sleeping needs

and the spacious suite, also known as the Montalcino Suite

with private balcony dripping with plants that overlooks the vineyards. This suite is reserved months in advance.

When guests are not enjoying their lavish accomadations, they can be found in the breathtaking courtyard listening to the local radio.

The courtyard is complete with an area for weddings

and lavishly catered receptions

a space to relax in the hot tub

and plenty of seating areas and gaming tables shaded with hanging plants and grapevines heavy with fruit.

The courtyard is the jewel of the vineyard and resort.
Download the 4x3 lot here!


  1. Oh, that looks beautiful! It looks like a great place for a couple to relax and unwind for a while, and perfect for destination weddings. :)

  2. Truly stunning! What an amazing lot. That's a large-ish lot size but I still can't believe you fit so much on it.

    "vintages from the TS1 era" Ha! I love it.

    Is this one of the lots you uploaded at N99? I might have this in my game already!

  3. -Shana, thanks. Nicole and Lyndon renewed their vows there, I think it's on Susie and Anthony's list of possible places to get married at.

    -Carla, yes I uploaded it on N99 already. It's a HUGE lot considering that I tend to build small. It still fits on the tiny vacation terrain though, just perfectly in a tiny corner.

  4. That lot looks amazing. You did a great job, especially with the attention to detail you put into it.

  5. Oh wow, that is beautiful! Even just looking at the pictures is relaxing! I don't know if my computer would run a lot of that size, but I just might have to give it a try.

  6. -Em, thanks. It's based on a vineyard in Italy so I did a lot of photo comparisons.

    -Laura, I understand, I tend to build smaller, this is one of the biggest lots I've built.

  7. Seriously gorgeous!! I love the vines everywhere and the wooden beams. This place is amazing.

    The buffet section is just inspiring. I want to renew my vows here!

  8. -Maisie, thanks. Most of the beams with vines come from Wood For Sims vineyard collection.


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