Thursday, May 20, 2010

Extras 2005

Susie isn't a fan of the mascot hitting on her. Doesn't he know that she's off the market?

I got tired of seeing this

and this

and Bill's groveling didn't work-neither did strawberry juice, they kept kicking his butt. Thus, a new home.

Lainey was all over Verde during basic training and he kept denying her. However he chose a strange way to do so.

Why strip down and cuddle on the couch only to put the brakes on things-at least the game recognizes that no means no, even if you're in your undies.

Poor Lainey, she's so confused

and sad :( Imagine this happening several times during the course of basic training with Lainey's ACR driving them to the bed and sofa and Verde turning her down at the last minute.

Had to move Uma in for the birth and as soon as I did, this happened.

Thank goodness Bill had a high enough relationship with her to save her life. I was doubtful since he had already moved on with Emma.

Anthony tries to get used to his future family. Awkward first meeting your future sister-in-law as she announces her pregnancy. Susie's not helping, instead she's distracted by the cat.

Si'Enya stayed in the gym. Everytime I went to the lot, she would arrive and work out. I guess she was more self concious about the extra weight she had picked up during her growth spurt.

Jorge wouldn't leave well enough alone and instead has started to stalk poor Grex. I guess it's pretty easy considering that they're basically neighbors.

Here are some shots of the Frankson family, a non-playable family. Jasmine and Harris met at some party Faith had and they fell in love. They were so cute together and I would always find them in the photo booth-not taking photos :P

So I snatched them up to be my tester family and they spent most of their time testing out my apartment lots

over and over again.

Soon afterwards they wanted to get engaged, married and have babies. I should have seen it coming considering their family aspirations.

so I indulged them (this is their oldest, Erricson) since otherwise they wouldn't have much of a life.

Their oldest son, Erricson turned out to be a cutie

and then he quickly developed a crush on Harriet Mendenhall (the daughter of Grex's sister, Giselle Mendenhall and Jolie & Johan's brother, Joey (Dawson) Mendenhall-hmm, that means Jolie woohoo'd her brother-in-law) and I found them in the movie room in their undies. Yikes!

You'll see more of Jasmine as she's working at the school now and Harris works in intelligence. They are so cute and I'm really enjoying the whole non-playable playable townies.


  1. Harriet is such a cute Sim!

    LOL at Verde and Lainey! Jacob did that with Patience last round. Stripped down to his undies, laid on the bed and then turned her down! Too funny. Seems kind of cruel though, at the same time!

  2. LOL, Verde! You probably could have told Lainey no much sooner rather than let her get all the way down to her undies first. ;)

    Yikes, good thing Bill was able to save Uma!

  3. -Carla, I agree-why even tease like that. At least in the sims no means no.

    -Shana, I'm glad was able to save Uma especially considering this was after he had moved on with Emma.


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