Saturday, March 27, 2010

How Big is Yours?

Ok, round up! Time to compare!

How big is your download folder?

Yep, that little folder that we shamelessly fill to the brim with goodies for our simmies. Please note if you used some great program-like the compressorizer, or keep additional files in your download folder that would help other simmers out.


  1. 1.58 Go, compressorized. I keep organized like the in-game catalogues with few variations: Build mode (Doors & Windows/Walls/Floors/etc...), Buy mode - recolours, Buy mode - new meshes, Bodyshop (Hair/Skins/Clothing/etc), Mods (Global mods/objects mods/Pescado's director cut/default replacements/etc), Sims, Lots...

  2. 8.74GB, compressorised.

    I have no interest in paring down. I need it all!

  3. Mine is 1.90GB, partially Compressorized.

    I try to keep it organized but am not that good at it. I do have folders for stuff like clothing, hacks, and some of the room sets. I really need to go through it and organize it.

  4. Wow, 3.16 GB. It's organized but I'm convinced there still might be a few things that I definitely don't want anymore that were apart of sets where I really only needed 1 or 2 items from a 20 piece set. I think I'm done with my objects section for now but I'm always on the look out for Maxis-ish clothing and Maxis Match hair. I was so convinced of trying to do Maxis Match would reduce my DL folder but apparently that's not the case.

  5. I'm at 4.22 GB. I was at 5.5 GB, but cleaned out duplicates and compressed it. I kept crashing, and I think 5 is my magic number to not lose my mind.

    I thought I might be able to weed out more downloads, but nope, I can't get rid of a bit more, in fact I need more downloads... My children are severely neglected of bottoms.

    I keep it organized by where I downloaded it from, but I don't like it this way. I want to redo it all over again, and I just did it all in December.

  6. -Short Life, I like how you have the buy mode sorted by recolors and new meshes. Question-where would you store the recolors of a new mesh? In the new mesh folder or the recolors folder?

    -Carla, GOOD GOLLY! I thought I had a large amount. Your computer must be amazing, I've seen your graphics as well and they are so detailed.

    -Oasis Valley, that's not a lot of downloads. You must be very picky with downloads.

    -Rome Raven, LOL! I think the same thing. As if downloading a maxis match item doesn't really count in terms of taking up space on the computer :P

    -Maisie, that's a neat way to organize the files-by creator, I like that. It should make it easy to find something.

  7. 1.05 GB. I'm a little stingy because I hate a slow loading game. It's pretty organized now. I used to have no idea what was in there, but now I use the conflict detection and the clean installer.

  8. -Francesca, wow. How can you resist the downloads? I need your willpower.

  9. It's just a combination of paranoia (of conflicts) and of being a control freak about my game. It's not pretty, I tell you, lol.

  10. I wanted to answer this sooner, but when you posted I was between computers, so my downloads folder was either inaccessable (or on my new laptop 0.) Mine is 1.7GB. I've used the compressorizer. It's only partially organized. I'm using the same downloads folder I had since downloads first became available. I just add to it and occasional clear things out. I've tried to get it in order with the download organizer, but didn't get too far with that. I'd probably have a bigger one except my old laptop was completely out of space and for a long time I was on dial-up, so I learned to be frugal about my downloading. I'm tempted to start over from nothing, but it seems like too much work and there would probably be too many downloads I would miss.

  11. Mine is 6.01, and tha's being picky. I only put it what I really want in my game. I think the biggest out of all my downloads would have to be clothes and hair. LOL

  12. I've read everyone else and maybe I need to compress mine. I did that with the sim 1 back in the day, I can't even remember how big my folder was then. It took like 33 minutes for the game to load. Right now, my game only take about 10 minutes to load, and about a minute to load a lot to play. No slow downs either., though I have noticed that with my new


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