Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How is this Aspirationally Possible?

Meet Suzanna (Carr) McMillian. Hailed from Eden, age 38, currently in the medical field and employed at the Veronika Kent Medical Centre as Head of General Medicine. Primary Aspiration: Fortune, Secondary Aspiration: Knowledge.

Now, keep those aspirations in mind as I tell you a little story. Bradford and Suzanna visit a friend after the birth of thier first child. I take control of the sims as I normally do, but I do not interfer with thier free will and ACR of course.

00:00=I notice Suzanna has a want to woohoo with Bradford. The elevator is free, so I indulge her.

00:01=The want rolls away, only to be replaced by-Woohoo in Bed. Oookaayyy, I find a nearby bed and indulge her.

00:03=The want rolls away, only to be replaced by-Woohoo in Bed. Are you serious?! Didn't you just go at it twice?!?! Ok, fine once more.

00:05=The want rolls away, only to be replaced by-Woohoo in Bed. Now, I see this as a dare-almost like she's taunting me. At this point, Bradford has finally rolled the want to woohoo with Suzanna. I indulge them-again.

00:06=The want rolls away, only to be replaced by-Woohoo in Bed (except Bradford, who rolls a nice fortune sim want of buying an expensive painting).

00:26= This cycle of indulgement continues. Those times to the side are not sim-time, but real-life minutes. Which is basically about an entire simday (thank goodness for max motives and set hour).

00:31= I begin to wonder why Suzanna's hormones are so...agressive to say the least. Maybe it's her way of saying that they want another baby, hey, they are getting up there in age-but why doesn't she just roll the want for a baby instead of the multiple wants of practicing for a baby.

00:38=My fingers are getting tired from the routine clicking and the owner of the bed would like to use it for her own...indulgence. Ugh! I check the ACR lot settings-it's not brothel-then I remember that ACR isn't at play here-this is pure wants. WANTS!!! These are romance sim wants and Suzanna is anything but.

00:48=I realize that I've almost wasted an hour indulging this sim who is not giving up this stupid want! Even Bradford is tired at this point, my hubby is wondering when I'm coming to bed and Suzanna is standing there with this smug smile and the want-Woohoo in Bed.

00:52=I give up! Suzanna has beat me. I'm tired, I'm sure Bradford is tired and believe it or not-after all that woohoo, there wasn't an oppsie pregnancy. So even if Suzanna was trying to tell me that she wanted to have another baby-no such luck.

00:53=I power down the game, Suzanna's smug smile and Woohoo in Bed want taunting me.

I should have seen the clues before. The constant kissing, the pregnancy by ACR...sims, what are we going to do with them?

Have you ever had a sim behave in such a way that you had to recheck thier aspirations?


  1. YES! You are not alone. I've had this problem for the last three play sessions. I'm not sure but I really think it's a hack. Do you have InTeen in your game? If so, have you updated to the most recent version? If you answered yes again, then I think it's one of those "fix" add-ons. Because once I removed it, the continue woohoo wants stopped. But my new problem after installing the updated version of InTeen is that my teenagers won't go to school now, no matter their age.

  2. Riverdale, thanks. I don't have InTeen-only ACR and risky woohoo.

  3. LOL I think she's just making up for lost time. ;) But give your hubby a little break, Suzanna, ok?

    I think I've had sims stuck rolling the same want over and over again. I think I just waited for it to go away on its own though after a few times.

  4. Strange. I wonder if it could be ACR. EM do you have that in game as well? Funny how we've all gotten the rerolling wants.

  5. I do have ACR. But I don't remember the specifics of when I've had that happen, if it was before or after ACR. I've never had anyone as persistant as Suzanna though. lol

  6. Clarification: Suzanna didn't roll the exact same want over and over, sometimes it was replaced with "woohoo with Bradford" instead of always "woohoo in bed". That was the funny part, after a while-she didn't care how she got it, as long as she got it :P

    -Em, I guess Suzanna is making up for a LOT of lost time. Gosh! The funny thing is, that after I ended the game I found my hubby and tried the same thing-he stopped after one-so Suzanna is lucky that Bradford lasted for 30+ times :P

    -Riverdale, I guess it could be a bug, though Suzanna is the only sim affected thus far. Poo, here I was thinking that Suzanna's hormones were all over the place!

  7. "That was the funny part, after a while-she didn't care how she got it, as long as she got it :P"

    That's hilarious! At least she's not like some sims who don't care who they get it from as long as they get some!

    I don't think I've had the same thing happen. As I remember, my sims kept having the exact same want, not different variations.

    P.S. I'm glad you didn't end up neglecting your hubby while indulging Suzanna's wants. ;) 30+ times . . . I couldn't even imagine. Those sims are relentless.

  8. LOL, maybe she was indulging her knowledge side to see how many different way they could WooHoo. Who knows whats going on under those sheets

  9. -Em, Suzanna sure gave Bradford a run for it. I can't to play them again.

    -Heredon Cove, LOL!!! I never thought about that! Then it makes perfect sense! I can see her reading something in a book and saying-"let's try this!...and this!...and this!"

  10. This whole post is HILARIOUS! OMG. I've never experienced this, but Sims have a mind of their own...Suzanna is loving her some Bradford, and I'm so happy for her.

    I truly enjoyed the way you wrote this one, I laughed the whole way through.

  11. -SH, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Since visiting them again I've determined that it's not a fluke...Suzanna really does love her some Bradford. :P


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