Saturday, July 4, 2009

Overview of Apple County

I recently combined Apple Valley, Apple Valley Metro and the brand new Apple Plains into Apple County. Here's a brief overview of the tiny hood and subhoods. How tiny? The largest lot-not including the massive beach lots-is 3x3. I use Amber's Journey terrains from MTS2.

This might change since I've been debating switching to a larger terrain that would combine the three areas. I've had the seperation mostly due to the downtownies that spawn downtown-such as Mr. Big and the Diva and the Countessa and Count. If I move to the one terrain, I would create my own townies and then create the Count and Countessa.

Totally snatched this from Laura at Lakeside Heights.

Apple Valley

Apple Valley is a quiet suburb, great for families however land prices are increasing and forcing families with smaller paychecks to look elsewhere for housing. The hood lies on a tiny island with jutting rocks surrounding it, making transportation to the hood very difficult. Apple Valley looks different from past views because it's growing and residents are demanding that facilities are updated.

Apple Valley Metro

Apple Valley Metro lies on an island smaller than Apple Valley about a 40 minute ferry ride west from the suburb. A light rail connects the urban mecca to a nearby airport and train depot. Lady Starr stands to the west of the island. Some cheap housing can be found, but for the most part young professionals long for the city life and everything at thier fingertips.

Apple Plains

Apple Plains is the last land incorperated into Apple County. A rural landscape and rich soil are abundant here. Notable properties include an historical train station, farmer's market and general store. Land is plenty and cheap as well, however amenities are few.


  1. Wow, I thought my hood was on the tiny side. I do like how filled the hood looks. How do you maintain the population?

  2. For a while, the hood council [i] strongly encouraged [i/] families to have only two children. Then with the introduction of ACR, families now plan thier own family size. Most of the simmies probably won't want children-or maybe only one-in the future generations, so hopefully some risky woohoo will help things out.

  3. The metro looks great! But I can see why you would want a bigger terrain; I think the switching between the hoods would be annoying.

  4. -yokihi, thanks. The perfect solution would be to have all three terrains on one neighborhood map, or a medium sized terrain that allowed as much space (but not much more) as the three islands combined that also conveyed a sense of three seperate subhoods with bridges/long roads connecting the subhoods with its seperate consolidation of roads(or city centers).
    I wish I had SimCity 4 in order to create the terrain.

  5. Maybe one of plasticbox's or simsample's (at MTS) terrains would fit your description.
    I've tried making my own terrain but it's a lot harder than it seems. I didn't have the time and talent required for making a neighborhood to my tastes, so now I'm happy with plasticbox's Baskerville terrain.

  6. -yokihi, thanks for the links. I hadn't seen simsample's terrains before. Believe it or not, they're too large. I wish all the empty land was underwater and it was an island.

  7. Wow, that's awesome! Your hoods look great! Very cozy. Believe me, sometimes having a larger combined city is just a pain. That's how Simberry started out, and it just wasn't for me.

  8. -simberry, thanks! How was the combined terrain a pain?

  9. That really is a tiny hood! But I like the cozy feel. I think my sims would get "cabin fever" though. LOL It's nice to really see the hood though!

  10. -riverdale, yep, it's tiny! I like how little I have to build to make it look established. Sometimes my simmies long for bigger hoods and I allow them to travel or emmigrate.


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