Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me???

That my pictures were crappy!

I was playing around with some of the ingame settings-since I hate printscreening and then cropping the images, no matter how crisp and large they look. When you have a full time teaching job (which is really a job and a half), husband, cat and social life, the time spent cropping each image adds up to a lot.

Anyhoo, I played around with the settings and now I can see lots of things! Paintings have details! There's a tweed jacket! Did you know sims had toes!!! TOES!!! I didn't!
With the new settings, it's like playing a brand new game! Can't wait to show off the new and improved photos!


  1. That's great that you got your images to look so much crisper. The sharpness on mine seems to go in and out and sometimes I have to choose between having the sims or the background looking sharp, because of the graphics on my laptop. I've never bothered with printscreening. It takes way too long to raise and lower the game.
    That's neat that you have a teaching job. So do I.
    I look forward to seeing the new photos. That will be nice, especially for Pahala Shore.

  2. -Eden, thanks. The Pahala Shore photos will be a mix for a while since some scenes were filmed before I "discovered" this feature.


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