Friday, January 23, 2009

Neighborhood View and Consilidated Blogs

You know how sometimes you capture a really great view of your hood? The game loaded the hood facing the opposite way in which I normally view the hood (usually the bridge is facing towards me). I'm glad it did, I LOVE this view!

So let's do a little tour. You can see the Grey farm (red barn and blue farm house). This is Jonagold Circle. All of the houses used to be off of this circle. To the right of the farm is The Farmer's Market. Across the street from the Farmer's Market is Apple's Landing (home of the Dawson, Warwick and Humphrey families). To the left of Apple's Landing is the Apple Valley Memorial Church and Cemetary, to the left of it is the Alisa Crawston Park with small amphitheater.

To the left of the park (across the street) is the new Children's Park. In front of the Alisa Crawston Park is the Jonagold Shoppes I (home of The Peacock, Posh clothing, and Red Movies). Now the tour is going to get crowded. Across from the Jonagold Shoppes I is the Jonagold Shoppes II (it looks like a bunch of buildings) and the Daniels Row Apartments (home to the Sweeny and Shazad families).

Across the street are two small boxy buildings, The Toy Shoppe and The Herendez Gallery. On the other side is the Veronika Kent Medical Centre (grey building), which sits next to CupaJava, which is next to the Apple Valley Academy (two orange buildings).

In front of the school are the Starr Grey Administration Buildings (trio of buildings) which sits in front of Dawson Central Park. Across from the park is Greymount Pointe (home of the Kent, Wilsonoff, and Herendez families).

To give a sense of the scale of my hood, the Dawson Central Park is 3x3. This is one of the largest (non beach lots) lots that I work with. It's amazing how small you can build.
When are the consilidated blogs coming?

Most readers have noticed the Apple Valley Blogs link to the side. Yes, I am moving all the family blogs to one consilidated blog. When? This April will mark the first postings of the families and the beginning of 2001.
EDIT: What's your hood like? Large, small, medium? Urban, rural, suburban?


  1. Oh my goodness, I had no idea that Apple Valley was so tiny and condensed! I absolutely love it! It looks like a real town, and so cute! Did you build all of the buildings yourself?

  2. Mandie-I built all the buildings myself. It's a slow process and some buildings have empty rooms until the hood council can decide what to do with them. When I say tiny, I really do mean it. It's great though! Loads really fast!


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